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Alpha Industries Bomber Jacket

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Alpha Industries Bomber Jacket

Alpha Industries is an American clothing brand, famous all over the world for its military style. The company was founded in 1959 in KnoxVille and was immediately characterized by its garments clearly inspired by the world of soldiers and marines. Precisely for this reason, Alpha Industries was soon selected by the United States of America as the main manufacturer of soldiers' uniforms. In particular, the company has been producing jackets for American soldiers for about fifty years. For this reason, even today the bomber jackets represent the most appreciated and desired clothing items of the brand. Alpha Industries bomber jackets are in fact known all over the world for their unmistakable style, which is clearly closely linked to the military world and its fashion. In particular, every year the US clothing brand presents new versions and reinterpretations of its classic bomber jacket. These are jackets, very similar to those used by American aviators, with a simple and linear style. These garments have been a trend for years, especially among the younger ones who inspire their look to that of the marines.

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