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C.P. Company Goggle Jacket

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C.P. Company Goggle Jacket

The Goggle Jacket was created by the founder of the CP Company: Massimo Osti to promote the Mille Miglia race. Osti was determined to create something that didn't exist yet, so he decided that his next boss would be inspired by protective caps and gas masks. He created many prototypes, but in the end he managed to create the definitive garment: a hooded jacket equipped with goggles and capable of protecting the face from bad weather and dirt such as mud.
The Goggle Jacket was a real success and also represented the symbol of Massimo Osti's creativity. But if on the one hand the garment was welcomed by many people, on the other hand he was not without criticism: in particular the possibility that these jackets could be used to commit offenses such as theft was criticized. Other people, however, described it as the burqa for men. But these criticisms certainly didn't stop the jacket, which years after years continued to gain fame and popularity.
The CP Company Goggle Jackets are characterized by resistant materials, ranging from cotton to nylon, also including polyester. The most popular colors are dark ones such as black and brown, but white also has its reason, while brightly colored jackets must be matched by carefully thinking about the combinations between colors and garments.
Although the Google Jackets have been the subject of criticism, it certainly cannot be said that they have not been a real revolution in the world of hooded jackets. Thanks to the goggles on it, these jackets are real allies to face windy or rainy days. But be careful not to close yourself completely inside it: you need to leave some opening to let the air through.

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