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The Casadei brand is renowned for being one of the excellences of Made in Italy. It has years of history behind it that date back to 1958 in the golden era for the post-war Italian economy and played an important role thanks to a pair of sandals that the company launched in the 1950s, in olive green calfskin . Casadei luxury shoes are treated in detail that is never left to chance, through the choice of exclusive and innovative materials, embellished with natural textures, technological anecdotes. leather, plastic, Plexiglas, nylon, colored fur, metal tongues, jewels and fascinating structural details make these shoes objects of desire and great design. The exclusivity of the pieces has made it a brand that exports its products all over the world. In particular, the heel of the shoe is a real identifying mark of the brand, like the stiletto in real steel which has become the symbol of Casadei since its first launch in 2011. For the latest collection, Casadei offers its vertiginous heels in different models and different fabrics, such as high boots and ankle boots including jacquard fabric worked with lurex threads, camperos decorated with a flame embellished with ayers inserts, cruissard boots in stretch fabric and mesh models similar to classic pumps.

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