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D-Four is a brand born in Campania, precisely in the cis of Nola, specialized in the production of handmade leather jackets. The company is in continuous research to keep up with current trends. The catalog is very extensive and is full of jackets and leather jackets made in Italy for both men and women. The classic leather biker jacket has always had a great fascination in people, therefore D-Four offers different models to better adapt to the various physiognomies of the wearer. The leather jacket is not a demanding garment, but it adapts well to various occasions, especially if combined expertly. D-Four outerwear, as previously mentioned, is made entirely by hand, but why buy a handcrafted product? There are several advantages of having a handmade leather jacket, the first of all is that of having a product made with a quality material. The difference is already felt when you wear it, as the jacket is very soft and adapts perfectly to every movement, adapting to your physicality and without taking on strange creases. Furthermore, real leather has a much more pleasant smell than synthetic leather and, above all, it does not scratch! Therefore, the jacket will stay beautiful much longer. Another advantage of buying a genuine leather jacket made in Italy is that it helps the local economy, as making handcrafted products grow also helps to make a territory grow economically.

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