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Drumohr T-Shirt

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Drumohr T-Shirt

Drumohr is an ancient brand, born in the eighteenth century in Scotland thanks to James Dumfries, the one who with his initiative and creative vision gave life to a high-level knitwear brand. Drumohr has become famous over time, conquering an international clientele, from celebrities such as Audrey Hepburn, James Stewart, Giovanni Agnelli up to dressing the King of Norway and the English Royal Family, who adored the iconic "cookie" pattern. Drumohr fabrics are of the highest quality, they are unique yarns born from precious and selected raw materials, enhanced by a type of noble workmanship and exclusive finishes. Among the peculiarities of the brand, the "merinos modern" in the super thin version, perfect to be worn under jackets, represents the ideal garment to create a refined and elegant look, as well as the houndstooth, prince of wales or window checks on cardigan and vest. The brand's heritage enriches the warmest sweaters by telling the story of Scotland, its birthplace, to also visually offer the perception of traveling to those lands, through colors such as the green of the forests, the burnt orange of the land of northern islands and many other nuances such as camel, grey, blue and vicuña. The Scottish tradition also lives on in the texture of these sweaters, decorated with Aran motifs and braids and in the attention to detail such as in the seamless knits, in the two-tone geometric jacquards with macro chevron designs, for refined and classy combinations even in a super comfortable look.

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