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Dsquared2 Skater Jeans

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Dsquared2 Skater Jeans

The "Dsquared" brand encompasses not only a well-known and appreciated designer brand, but also a large family unit with a history that includes different geographical areas in America, England and Italy. It is the interweaving of dreams that later became reality of the twin brothers "Dan and Dean Caten", real artists in the fashion industry, as well as those who created the famous brand in our area. A decidedly nonconformist brand that aims to enrich the current style, through the finesse of the Italian sartorial world. The two fashion designers take care of the details in a scrupulous and expert way, but also with a pinch of irony and audacity. In this way they manage to differentiate themselves from the creations of other brands, thanks to their certainly very fresh and extravagant ideas. The Dsquared2 Skater Jeans has, as a peculiarity that distinguishes it, features such as patches and strategic cuts, patches that seem to have been made with paint, specially faded areas and rips. The fit is certainly very comfortable and the brand is placed in relief. A unique and always loved style, made even more original by two extraordinary stylists.

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