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Etro is the brand known to all for its inimitable pattern: the paisley. The fantasy of this brand has become popular all over the world over time thanks to its essence full of meanings enclosed in the shape of a drop that symbolized in ancient Mesopotamia the bud of the date palm, the tree of life. The Etro company was founded by the Milanese Gerolamo Etro, known as Gimmo, who started his business in 1968 to devote himself to the production of furnishing fabrics. In those years of experimentation with cashmere, linen, cotton and silk fabrics, very intense colors such as orange, yellow, fuchsia were already being used, nuances that would only later lead to the conception of the paisley pattern. We will have to wait for the 80s to witness the birth of the first collection of bags, accessories and suitcases that defined the real rise of the brand which, through impeccable design and imagination that has now become popular, became a status symbol of the liberty style. Scarves and accessories such as wallets, travel bags and beauty bags were widely appreciated by women all over the world thanks to their plasticized jacquard. In the 90s Etro entered the universe of pret-à-porter fashion to offer its personal collection of garments and accessories with attention to the smallest details, the result of craftsmanship and a lot of originality. The oriental stylistic inspirations, combined with the creative visions of Gimmo's daughter, Veronica Etro, made sure to be adored by Italians and beyond. Processing Etro has always given great importance to the quality of the fabrics and fabrics used which offer a breath of colour. The lines are soft and slippery, often enriched by drapes resulting from sartorial workmanship, which often meet hand-made designs and multicolor prints. Today Etro is recognized as a luxury brand consistent with its mantra that which indicates freedom with a well-defined identity that has its roots in its ancient tradition and that has an eye to the current cosmopolitan reality.

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