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Etro Man

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Etro Man

Etro is an Italian high fashion company founded in 1968. It produces women's and men's clothing; these are very well-finished and excellent quality garments but also accessories, household products and fragrances. It was born as a textile company; known and appreciated throughout Italy and abroad and carried forward by Kean Etro, creative director. It is very famous for its multiple lines and collections. It produces casual, elegant, sports and even homewear garments. In addition to being known for its clothing collections, Etro is well known for the production of multiple fragrances suitable for men and women. It also creates numerous accessories that can be combined with their very colorful and well-finished collections. Etro owes part of its notoriety and fame to the fashion week which is held periodically in Milan, consequently through fashion shows and meetings, it has the opportunity to show the creators of the high fashion its own modern and effective garments. Etro Man One of Etro's most valid collections is the men's one, it has been presented through multiple fashion shows in different cities. The most popular are the paisely items, equally iconic is the cooked shirt, prepared with blackberries or other ingredients. These are very well-finished clothes, with a simple but effective design. The production material is 100% natural and original, so as to make winter clothes soft and warm, and summer clothes fresh and fashionable. There is an excellent control service for the quality and production of the multiple clothing lines by a team from the Etro men's collection.

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