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Federica Tosi Jewelry

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Federica Tosi Jewelry

Federica Tosi is a designer particularly appreciated by the world of entertainment and by the clientele of Roman fashion thanks to her innovative and contemporary vision that she manages to convey through her wonderful creations. She herself designs and takes care of the jewelery and clothing lines that bear her name, a passion born in America where she discovered the art of composing accessories with crystals, skills and experience which she then used for her jewels. Federica Tosi addresses to determined and self-confident women who are always looking for novelties with which to express themselves. Her attention to detail and the perfect mix she manages to create of rigorous and refined lines with feminine details are astonishing. Federica Tosi is able to create rings, earrings and necklaces in brass and silver bathed in pink, yellow and burnished gold with a minimalist style and character enriched by Swarovski elements. All this gives life to jewels suitable for every hour and moment of the day: they can be worn for formal occasions and are perfect for elegant events.

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