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The Herno brand was launched in 1948 with the intention of realizing the project of Giuseppe Marenzi, founder of the brand: that of making the best raincoat. Herno outerwear is known for being functional and having a lot of style. The inspiration came from the climate of Lake Maggiore, Lesa and the Erno Valley, where with the abundant rains and the persistent wind there was a need for adequate clothing. Thanks to his military experience, Marenzi put his ingenious techniques at the service of high fashion to recreate what is today one of the best raincoats on the international market. The goal of the Herno brand has always been to recreate well-made jackets and coats, resistant to rain and strong winds, without practicality and functionality being at the expense of quality, elegance and the unmistakable Italian style. The always diversified style and details have led the brand to export its products throughout Europe and beyond. In the '70s Herno was one of the first in Italy to expand into the Japanese market and by opening a boutique in Osaka and in the '80s it also consolidated itself in America. The sartorial and artisan skills were much admired by the great world fashion brands, so Herno began to produce goods for other brands as well as those intended directly for its own brand. Among these parallel Herno production lines, also the one that from the 90s would take care of one of the sons, Claudio Marenzi. Through its bomber jackets, raincoats, jackets and coats, Herno responds by following a path of excellence that goes from manufacturing to the search for balance with the surrounding environment.

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