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Herno Woman

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Herno Woman

Reversible raincoats, armholes, down jackets in different colours, coats and jackets and suits with refined fabrics, this and much more is part of the Herno women's collection. The history of this signature is really very long, think of the first cashmere coats and double-breasted products; followed by jackets; clothes and dresses for women. Numerous models and patterns, also suitable for the harshest climates, are practical and functional but do not neglect the elegance and typical style of Made in Italy. Herno is a fashion atelier founded in 1948 by Giuseppe Marenzi who had the dream of creating the best women's raincoat. The inspiration came to him from Lake Maggiore, Lesa and the Erno Valley where he had to deal with a harsh climate, persistent rain and wind. So from the knowledge in the military sector, acquired during the war, Marenzi thought of designing the first outerwear proof of a total waterproofing of the fabrics using castor oil. Over time, the brand has managed to export its articles throughout Europe, thanks to the attention to style and diversified details. In the 70s this brand was one of the first Italian brands to expand as far as Japan, opening its own boutique in Osaka and later it also arrived in the American market, consolidating its name even more. Over time, Herno was noticed by major fashion houses for which it created goods as well as those intended to be sold under its own brand. Among the distinctive features of this brand there are certainly the tailoring and craftsmanship skills, the careful choice of fabrics and the desire to always aim for manufacturing excellence without posing a threat to the environment. And what do you think of the Herno women's collection?

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