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Homme Plisse'

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Homme Plisse'

Homme Plissè is one of Issey Miyake's lines founded in 2013. It is the result of the research conducted by the creator, Issey Miyake, and his team on various fabrics and in particular on pleating. Also for this reason, the name of this line of the brand takes the name of Homme Plissè. The garments of this brand are made for the modern man who wants to be free from labels and who is suited to the current lifestyle, always on the run. Each piece of clothing, in fact, is designed to allow the wearer to dress as they see fit and to express their originality. The chosen fabrics are light, comfortable, resistant to creases and for this reason they are also perfect to be taken with you during a trip, without having the fear that they might get wrinkled. Homme Plissè today is a perfect brand to wear in everyday life, as it adapts to any occasion in life. The clothing items are very basic, but not trivial for this. There is a wide choice of colors ranging from the most common neutral tones to pastel shades or bright colours. The new collection is characterized by tailored suits with a strong silhouette and deep colours. Perfect for all styles, from casual to formal. Body Arch, on the other hand, is a series that perfectly combines 100% recycled polyester with motifs inspired by the lines of the body, such as trousers with straight and curved pleats that intersect each other to create a beautiful three-dimensional effect.

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