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Matinée is a completely made in Italy beachwear brand, born from the creative mind of Giusy Piacente. It lands on the market for the first time in 2019, with a capsule collection that bears the signature of the influencer Chiara Biasi. The collection is so successful that the collaborations are repeated in the following years: in 2020 the capsule collection called Ice Cream is released. Given all this success, the company decides to entrust Chiara Biasi with the role of art director, but these will not be the only changes. Later, the logo will also be changed and a new collection called L'ile will arrive. In 2021, however, a brand new collection arrives in collaboration with Luisa via Roma, conceived entirely by Chiara Biasi. The capsule collection consists of 3 bikini tops to be combined with 3 briefs and 2 one-piece swimsuits with a contemporary design. The swimsuits are available in different variations, with wide or narrow straps and in various shades, even metallic, for lovers of wilder looks. The goal of Matinée is precisely to be able to tell stories about people through the collections. Chiara Biasi said in a recent interview that every garment and every piece in the collection is inspired by her sensations and by what she experiences every day. Furthermore, Matinée swimwear is suitable for everyone, regardless of gender, nationality, skin color or anything else.

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