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Moncler Grenoble

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Moncler Grenoble

The origins of the name Moncler Grenoble are linked to a small mountain village near the city of Grenoble called Monestier-de-Clermont: the abbreviation of the name of this village in 1952 gave rise to what has been a global fashion icon for almost 70 years known above all for its famous duvet. Moncler jackets were born as a response to the needs of workers who worked in hostile climatic conditions and needed protection and resistance to cold and bad weather, but, over time, their potential was also exploited in the sporting arena by mountaineers as a support for various expeditions. In the 1980s Moncler Grenoble entered the city, becoming the symbol of a generation of kids, and in the early 2000s, the brand was acquired by the Italian entrepreneur Ruffini, who led the brand to worldwide expansion, enriching the range with the Haute Couture collections. The latest Moncler Grenoble collections reinterpret the styles of the past in a modern key, adding a contemporary and refined cut. The company has created different collections according to the lifestyle and needs of consumers: for the more sporty and creative Moncler has designed the Performance & Style line, while for the sporty but style-conscious clientele the Après-Ski collection is the one more suitable; for those who need high-performance products, Moncler suggests the High Performance line. If you are a sporty person and a fashion lover who doesn't want to give up on style, Moncler Grenoble is definitely the brand for you.

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