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Oamc Jackets

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401 NAVY
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Oamc Jackets

OAMC is an innovative and visionary men's fashion brand that for some years has conquered the most important catwalks around the world. The company was founded in 2013 following the successful combination of two great minds of international fashion, Luke Meier and Arnaud Faeh, who seek to create a men's style linked to luxury. OAMC's production is influenced by American streetwear and the garments, which are distinguished by the high quality of the materials used, are made in Italy, Japan and Portugal. Among the various items signed by OAMC, the jackets undoubtedly represent a strong point of the brand. These are exclusive products, with youthful and fashionable lines. The stylists of the brand immediately demonstrated their ability and desire to dare and the jackets are the best proof of this. Although the various models differ from each other in terms of shapes, lines and colors, a common style is visible in all OAMC signed jackets, strictly inspired by streetwear. In a nutshell, these jackets are luxury garments that follow the dictates of today's fashion by adding a pinch of creativity and imagination, typical elements of OAMC.

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