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Oamc Pants

OAMC is a brand born from a very particular idea of ​​Arnaud Faeh and Luke Meier, the latter famous former creative director of the Supreme brand. The very ambitious project that underlies OAMC is to create men's clothing capable of combining elements of streetwear with typical traits of haute couture thus creating a truly unique and inimitable product. The production of OAMC clothes takes place in Italy, Japan and Portugal and is characterized by the very high quality of the materials used. The style that the brand intends to follow is clearly visible in the trousers, which are characterized both by the precise and clean cut, typical of tailoring, and by the soft lines, typical of street fashion. Details are added to a fairly classic base made with high quality fabrics with the aim of hybridizing the garment. Belts, zips and other accessories thus become the hallmark of the brand and recall the youthful fashion of streetwear. OAMC trousers, although they differ according to the models and colors, are absolutely innovative products, which with their particularity always appear in fashion.

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