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Premiata Man

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Premiata Man

Premiata men's shoes are not all the same, precisely because they represent the result of craftsmanship. In just a few years, thanks to the mastery of Italian craftsmen, the brand has been able to conquer an international audience. Premiata sneakers are made with the highest quality fabrics and materials, fine leathers and a unique design of its kind. The Premiata for men give convenience and comfort to meet the needs of the modern man, without neglecting a strong creativity, which can be found through the numerous style details, lines and decorations. It is no coincidence that from the most classic models to the most modern ones of the latest collection, the brand has enjoyed considerable international success, up to the point of fitting the feet of artists and celebrities from all over the world. The unmistakable Premiata logo on both sides and the autographed sole make them recognizable. These are sneakers with very particular color combinations that allow them to be easily combined with any type of outfit. Comfort and style are the combination crowned by the art of "know-how" and by continuous research and experimentation, on which this great strictly Made in Italy fashion house is based.

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