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Founded in 2015, ROA is the young Italian brand that in just a few years has been able to conquer a highly prestigious space in the panorama of high-mountain footwear and high-quality outdoor shoes. Created by the enterprising designer Maurizio Quaglia and the Slam Jam creative team, ROA's mission is to combine the safety and resistance of trekking and high mountain shoes with the lightness and practicality of a life-style hiking shoe or a sports shoe that can be worn safely on everyday walks and in everyday life. The search for innovative and performing materials and the continuous collaboration with manufacturers of important solutions distinguish the success of its products. From the collaboration with Vibram, manufacturer of the innovative and by now famous system of rubber soles, light and at the same time waterproof, non-slip and highly performing, the ROA shoe factory has already produced various and interesting lines of outdoor shoes, elaborate high mountains, trekking and hiking.

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