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The Stüssy brand is the example of an epochal change that has been able to eternally frame contemporary popular culture. Shawn Stussy was a surfboard maker for a group of enthusiasts near Laguna Beach, California in the 1980s. His logo recalls a writer's tag and is still in use as it was then, when it was applied to T-shirts, masterpieces that he sold with his boards. As the clothing line expanded, the design of the garments also went from crude to more and more modern, until it was greatly appreciated by the new generation of beach culture. Those years were thriving for anyone who had new ideas and a lot of creativity, even in the music scene, such as punk that broke aesthetic barriers, rap that pushed social boundaries to explore the new ideas of remixes and electronics. The clothing has in fact been inspired by international musicians, DJs, skaters and artists with similar tastes. The label was then toured and managed to spread to New York, London, Tokyo and more. Today Stüssy is the emblem of international streetwear and with the men's total look and other accessories it has acquired independence all over the world over time. It consists of over sixty stores and a community in which Stüssy is the leader of this culture that has mirrored the same brand for about 30 years.

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