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Thom Browne bag - FAP150A-00198



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Thom Browne Bags

Thom Browne is an American brand that, among the various collections proposed, also has a collection of original but elegant women's bags. In fact, among bags with squared lines and a definitely classic tone, we find a duck-shaped bag, or even a dachshund-shaped bag. And this is precisely the flagship of the brand: it manages to combine spontaneous creativity without ever being trivial or childish, and always maintaining elegant and discreet lines. An unmistakable element signed Thom Browne is certainly the tricolor that recalls the US flag: blue, white and red. Often, according to this motif, the shoulder straps or zips of the bags are created. They are high quality accessories, both artistic but even more material: Thom Browne is a sensational example of manual skill, careful selection of materials and constant attention to detail. These characteristics make the bags not only fascinating, but also and above all durable over time. A Thom Browne bag is synonymous with quality, craftsmanship is that American creativity that is often accompanied by a subtle irony. There is a model for every woman: from the most fanciful bags (like those with the silhouettes of various animals) to the more traditional ones. Timeless and seasonless, they will be real life companions that will enrich your outfits!

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