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Woolrich Woman

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Woolrich Woman

The origins of the Whoolrich brand are rooted in Pennsylvania in the distant 1830s, where the brand was born to provide warmth and protection to hikers subjected to bad weather, to American soldiers, and to engineers who worked at the Arctic Circle. Woolrich was America's first outdoor clothing brand, initially created for the country's workers and servants, but which today, with its simple and discreet design, dresses people from all over the world. The objectives that the Whoolrich brand has always pursued are the durability, aesthetic beauty and utility of the proposed garments, which are designed to withstand time and the most hostile climatic conditions. Among the main objectives of the brand is to increase the use of sustainable materials, including organic cotton, recycled nylon and polyester and Responsible Wool Standard or Native wool.
Not only jackets and down jackets: Woolrich constantly renews its collections to satisfy the large clientele and keep up with the fashion and trends of the moment; among the new arrivals we find coordinated skirts and sweatshirts in cotton fleece, shorts and cargo skirts in various colors, jackets in a recycled cotton/nylon blend, shoulder bags, and much more. Even though the first original Woolrich of Pennsylvania has closed its doors for some years, the core values and goals of the brand remain the same as they used to be; however, experimentation and the search for new solutions are added to these.

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