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The Aries brand is proposed as a return to the sensitivity of the 80s towards the streetwear world. Most designs are designed, hand dyed and printed in the studio or aged in organic tea. All the love towards fashion is the fulcrum of the concept behind this brand, which represents a fusion of experiments, a counter-current movement, which invests fashion, young people and culture. The Aries brand aims to be extremely subversive and authentic. The creation of the men's collection includes a total look ranging from sweaters to t-shirts, up to numerous accessories such as the "No Problemo" socks. Each garment is original as reused fabrics, leftover fabrics such as jeans and leather are also used for the realization, all to give life to ever new creations. These details make the new luxury clothing project, signed Aries, highly appreciated in the international market, thanks to the winning duo composed of Sofia Prantera and Fergus Purcell.

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