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CP Company T-Shirt

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CP Company T-Shirt

CP Company t-shirts come in two models: long-sleeved, wearable in colder periods; short-sleeved, wearable in slightly warmer periods such as spring and summer. The materials with which the shirts are created are simple materials, such as cotton, but are at the same time very resistant. Furthermore, the cotton used in the shirts is a breathable cotton that allows the skin to breathe, making the shirts light and not subject to perspiration at all. Another feature of this brand's t-shirts is the presence of a crew neck in all models. They also range from simple shirts, to more elaborate shirts with prints and motifs. An example of a simple t-shirt is the Jersey 30/1 Goggle Hood, which is a short sleeved white t-shirt that is perfect for any casual and informal outfit. An example, however, of an elaborate t-shirt is the Jersey 30/1 LS Graphic Crew long-sleeved shirt, available in black and brown, and characterized by a very particular white print and high versatility: it is certainly perfect for dark jeans and for jackets and vests. A tee that features a totally different style is the Re-Colour Malfilé Jersey Faded Logo, featuring a faded lavender color and a logo printed on it. The dye used is the Re-colour one, which gives this shirt an edge. Sure, it's a slightly more difficult shirt to match but it will certainly be suitable with light-colored garments, capable of highlighting its color. From what has been read, it can be said that the CP Company t-shirts are all equipped with different styles and models, in order to satisfy anyone looking for a shirt of their own style or a shirt that can be combined with their outfit. As they say: no one excluded!

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