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Kenzo Woman

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Kenzo Woman

The Kenzo clothing brand offers an oriental and eclectic style for every woman. The well-known fashion house, which was founded in 1970 in Paris by Kenzo Takada, the Japanese designer with an inimitable style. The first boutique named "Jangle Jap" saw the presentation of its first collection which, thanks to eccentric and unconventional garments, was able to shake up Parisian couture, distorting the uses and customs of a classic fashion, offering its touch of innovative design . The immense passion for fashion that prompted Kenzo to move from Japan to Paris managed in a short time to revolutionize the entire Ville Lumiere with his women's collection and soon became one of the best known luxury clothing brands in the world. Then at the end of the 70s he amazed everyone with the presentation of his collection inside a circus tent, where he appeared riding an elephant. His collections fascinated the fashion capitals, from New York to Tokyo, so much so that he received the coveted Fashion Editor Club of Japan. The 80s saw the real consecration of the brand, until 2001, when the new line of perfumes “Flower by Kenzo Takada” was launched. However, 2001 was also the year in which Kenzo abandoned the helm and left the maison in the hands of Humberto Leon and Carol Lim, who aimed at a return to Kenzo's origins, replacing the flowers with a ferocious tiger, which we can now find on the sweatshirts, t-shirts and bomber jackets. The style is impertinent and certainly wants to shake up the "jungle" of fashion, in fact the Kenzo style has always been recognizable for its floral details or spotted prints. Kenzo offers an oriental style for women, delicate and floral but at the same time bold and gritty through the unmistakable colorful prints and lively tones, all placed on refined and quality fabrics that are light as silk, soft as shirts and scarves, in cotton like knitwear and denim like jeans. Humberto Leon and Carol Lim have managed the women's prêt-à-porter fashion house since 2001, who in respect of the brand's heritage have replaced the flowers with a ferocious tiger that we see today on sweatshirts, t-shirts, hats and Kenzo accessories. For the latest women's collection, the Kenzo line has aimed at a "hybrid tailoring" that sees jackets as protagonists, with sculpted sleeves, opera gloves, bejeweled tops, python-print slim-fits and checked trousers.

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