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Kired is a Parma-based company specializing in sportswear. The brand offers a vast collection for men that includes jackets, casual jackets, trench coats and raincoats in fabric that has been enriched since the 90s with the addition of leather and sherling garments. The discoveries and innovations proposed by Kired want to be as original as they are effective. The particular attention paid to the tailored garment combined with the mix of refined fabrics, makes the garments modern and with a strong and decisive style. An ideology that has led this brand to grow more and more, supported by the type of processing used, aimed not at making clothes, but at creating them, giving them life through the fabric that is respected through craftsmanship. Each garment offers a unique style, tailored cuts and a completely innovative appeal, through research and the use of ever new materials. Kired garments are the maximum expression of design with a strong emphasis on craftsmanship and the production process that boasts of being completely Made in Italy.

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