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Moschino Woman

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Moschino Woman

The new Moschino women's collection at Milan Fashion Week showcased all the creativity of Jeremy Scott demonstrating that fashion has no limits. The models paraded in dresses that seemed to come straight from a drawn sketch, with marker strokes in pastel tones that seemed to move with each stride. Furthermore, to celebrate the creation of the garments, all the typically sartorial elements were present such as fabric tubes, meters, gloves, the impressive sheath dress decorated with golden needles, the maxi decoration on a long dress that takes the shape of the typical modeling scissors . Among the most characteristic elements of the latest collection, a hat in the shape of a thimble, a dress as a pincushion, the bags in sketches and the inevitable shoulder bag in the shape of a teddy bear. Moschino will always represent one of the best known Italian brands within the world fashion scene that still manages to distinguish itself from other luxury brands for its eccentricity and innovation. Always recalling pop culture tones, Moschino designer clothes for women are for those who don't like to take themselves too seriously, but rather prefer to get a witty and extravagant look with bright color palettes and unique tones that often give an almost provocative attitude. Among the most renowned Moschino women's collections, the one whose clothes carried the "My little Pony" print in a fusion of rainbow colors and a more aggressive tone of leather biker jackets will remain in history. Speaking of Moschino collections, how can we fail to mention the iconic teddy bear which appears almost every season on women's t-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts and dresses and which represents a true hallmark of the brand itself. Last but not least, the Moschino bags, an object of desire for every woman, through which one can see the experimentation of new shapes and materials for the creation of original and extravagant accessories.

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