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MSGM is a young brand aimed at young people, with its design and bright colors. It was founded by Massimo Giorgetti in Milan in 2009 in collaboration with the Paoloni Group. The brand comes from a forward-looking idea from Giorgetti and a friend of his, who is now the sales manager. In fact, more than once the founder has specified how important friends were to him for the launch of his brand. The same name MSGM would be the set of initials of the people who supported Giorgetti in this project of his in the fashion sector. The brand does not have a very long history behind it, precisely because it was born to respond to a specific slice of the market in a particular moment: that of the financial collapse. With an almost premonitory vision, Giorgetti, together with a friend, now sales manager, found himself talking about this new beginning and decided to position his brand right in the hole that the stock market crash would have created to the detriment of the first and second designer clothing lines. It was a young brand aimed at young people, with affordable prices, beautiful design and bright colors. In recounting his experience, Giorgetti often did the job of his friends, from whom he felt supported and supported in undertaking his project which would later become what is now the well-known fashion brand MSGM.

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