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Premiata Woman

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Premiata Woman

The Premiata footwear company was born in Italy, in the Marche region and has a long manufacturing tradition behind it. The Premiata brand today represents a true fusion between tradition and innovation, thanks to the technologies used in the creation, Graziano Mazza in fact wanted to accentuate the art of "know-how", which is noticeable and evident in every little detail of these shoes with a unique style. Over time, handcrafted work has also given way to more sophisticated and technological innovation techniques, so over time it is not only the construction but also the articles that change. The boom occurred with the launch of sneakers, real design objects, which immediately became a real must in the look of the most prominent movie stars and celebrities around the world. What makes the difference is the inimitable Made in Italy quality present in the fabrics, in the lines, in the numerous appliques that embellish the sneakers with many decorative elements. Another aspect that the brand does not overlook is creativity and attention to detail, as Graziano Mazza himself affirms: "the most difficult thing in making a difference is doing it sparingly in the simplest things". Premiata shoes are limited edition for the women's collection, they are renewed from time to time to best enhance femininity, they have an unmistakable and very recognizable style from the iconic brand logo on the sides of the sneakers and the inevitable signed sole. Their particular comfort but elegant and chic meaning allows them to be worn under any type of look, from jeans to skirts or dresses, on different occasions and parts of the day.

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