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Santoni Man

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Santoni Man

The Santoni fashion house was born in 1975 and is today the emblem of Italian excellence in luxury shoes. The tradition of the brand has been passed down from father to son from Andrea Santoni to Giuseppe who inherited the haut de gamme shoe workshop. What certainly hasn't changed over the years are the distinctive characteristics of Santoni footwear, the result of rigorous craftsmanship, which sees the use of refined leathers and quality fabrics, recognizable for their unique details. The care for every aspect of the creation, the refinement, the fact that they are shoes with a unique and made-to-measure design, represent the distinctive elements of this brand and have made it possible for them to be worn even by the most famous personalities. The different models of Santini shoes for men are a real mix of innovation and tradition, they meet the need of a sophisticated man to maintain a refined and classy look even with simple denim and a t-shirt. These shoes are an example of craftsmanship and a timeless style, such as the moccasin models, ankle boots and brogues, in leather or suede, with laces or buckle, to meet different tastes and various needs and occasions of use . It is no coincidence that “Builders of Beauty” is the title of the book for the guide to the perfect men's shoe according to Santoni, through which it is possible to learn about the stories of an ancient craft carried out with passion and dedication.

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