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Stone Island Shadow Project

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Stone Island Shadow Project

Stone Island Shadow Project is a second line of Stone Island and is the demonstration that after 21 collections this brand has never stopped outdoing itself in the field of menswear. The Stone Island Shadow Project line is even more contemporary, it is a mix of Stone Island research and innovation with the creative ideas of Errolson Hugh of Acronym and his creative team, always the result of development, conception and expression over the years. This latest collection focuses on experimentation, it aims to redefine the concept of functionality and particular nuances, which are the fulcrum of this capsule collection. With these garments we try to respond to the demands, needs and tastes of modern man, such as large side pockets that solve the problem of space, allowing you to carry more and more objects with you. Among the iconic pieces of this capsule is the stealth jacket, the fantastic series of jackets that is now back on the scene more innovative than before. Thanks to the innovative system of hidden pockets and its realization in an iridescent fabric, such as the brilliant Beetle, a very special reflective print and different motifs for the prints. The Stone Island Shadow Project collection is a continuous search for new systems and fabrics to personalize clothing and adapt it to natural climatic conditions. A clear example with functional components are DPM Chiné with all-over rip-stop weaving material and a brand new camouflage pattern; IMPRINT NYLON and LENTICULAR JACQUARD both are the result of an elegant work that highlights the contrast between the surface and the angles to create a changing perception with a wide spectrum of use.

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