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Stone Island Soft Shell

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Stone Island Soft Shell jacket - 7915Q0122



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Stone Island Soft Shell

The Stone Island Soft Shell jacket belongs to the bomber category. Characterized by relatively abundant shapes, the Soft Shell is designed with a triple-layer frame capable of guaranteeing the jacket high waterproofing. The outer side of the garment is specially made in polyester jersey-like material, also combined with a particular internal membrane with breathable capabilities. The protection and flexibility of the Stone Island Soft Shell In addition to the good level of breathability, the internal membrane also provides adequate wind protection, further strengthened by a heavy layer of fleece. The flexibility of the shapes of the jacket is due precisely to the jersey-like fabric of the frame, a material capable of adapting perfectly to the wearer's movements and physical constitution. The general design Coming to the design of the jacket, the Stone Island Soft Shell has an extremely simple structure. On the front side there are two diagonal pockets at the height of the abdomen, comprising an additional layer of windproof fabric. The closure of the pockets is zipped, as is the front side of the bomber jacket. On the back of the jacket there is a large hood, useful for keeping the garment warm in case of excessive wind. Protection from wind currents is also guaranteed by the presence of cuffs placed at the end of the sleeves and at the waist, i.e. in the points where the air could pass through the garment more easily.

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