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Tombolini is an entirely made in Italy brand that has represented modern man on a global level for more than fifty years: Tombolini production is in fact reserved not only for the European and Italian markets, but also for the Middle East, America and of Australia. Passion for fashion, enthusiasm and professionalism are just some of the values ​​on which the company is based for the production and sale of its luxurious clothing in boutiques all over the world. The one who wears Tombolini is a man of class, a refined and self-confident business man who is not afraid to dare. Standing out among the bets of this innovative brand are the "Zg" garments, i.e. the very light zero-gram dresses in fabric and thread, the seamless "Zero sewing" jackets, and the search for new fabrics such as compact and water-repellent flannel. Thanks to the partnership with Roma, the elegance and class of the Tombolini brand have also landed on the soccer field: in the past seasons, the yellow and red team has in fact shown off the Zero Gravity collection, the T-way and the ZG Running Washable for the various formal occasions required by the club. The goal of the Tombolini company is to find a meeting point between innovation and tradition, without losing sight of the attention to detail and quality that has always distinguished the Macerata brand, now famous all over the world.

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