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CP Company

CP Company is an Italian clothing brand that was founded in 1971 by the famous fashion designer Massimo Osti. This brand at the beginning took the name of Chester Perry but was changed soon after because it combined the names of Fred Perry and Chester Barry. All the clothing line offered by CP Company is mainly based on designs of military uniforms and other uniforms that are used to work. It has attracted the attention of many media and many other clothing brands thanks to the functional shawls with a military inspiration, but also for the use and choice of all fabrics, the various manufacturing techniques with an innovative design.

One of the most famous garments in the entire history of CP Company was launched in 1988 and takes the name of Goggle Jacket, the jacket was characterized by two lenses that were positioned on the hood and a lens on the wrist to make the watch visible, in those years it was a real innovation also from a stylistic point of view, as it was very rare in those days to see novelties that managed to capture attention in a very short time. Even today after many years, other fashion houses try to copy what is now the iconic style of CP Company. Since it was founded in 1975 until today, more than 39,000 different items of clothing have been produced. Despite being an Italian brand, it has become very famous in British culture, especially among English football hooligans. CP Company still produces avant-garde ice packs with always different lenses, field jackets, sweatshirts also with always innovative lenses and many other items. Around 1984 the designer, founder of the brand, Massimo Osti sold all the shares but decided to remain as a designer anyway. In 1993 the official decision was made as the company was bought by Carlo Rivetti who changed the name from CP Company to Sportwear Company, only in 2010 the company was bought by Enzo Fusco and finally in 2015 the property was entirely bought by a group that produces garments in Hong Kong. Although the company has been sold and purchased numerous times, the stylistic line has never changed but has always remained consistent with that of the stylist Massimo Osti. To date, CP Company can be considered one of the most famous brands operating all over the world, selling thousands of garments every year. With more than 100 stores worldwide, the brand can also be found on numerous online platforms. Furthermore, CP Company, since it was founded, has been one of the protagonists of the various fashion weeks that take place every year in the largest cities of the world, and every year both the media and all the guests at the show are very satisfied with the work done by the stylists who they always bring new things.

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